Get to Know More about Readiris

Are you looking for the fastest and the most reliable robust programs? If so, then include Readiris on top of your list. Do not be fooled by the program’s simple exteriors since behind them is an optical character engine that detects scanning and conversion issues. To know how the program works, read this article.

What is Readiris Pro?

Readiris is an Optical Character Recognition (OCR) program, which recognizes conversion of paper documents into digital, readable texts (Powerpoint, Excel, Word etc.) Basically designed for independent workers or home-based employers/employees, the program can save a great amount of time when converting any image, PDF or paper document into digital files that you can edit and share to the PC cloud in just a click.

Basic Features

Creates your own eBooks: The program allows you to convert images, PDFs or any scanned/shared documents into eBook compatible format (EPUB). Once the document is converted, the eBook can be uploaded to PC, smart phones or any device with EPUB support.

Table Recognition: The program allows you to capture many tables instead of encoding them. It also comes with an advanced table recognition tool that extracts texts, figures, columns and lines from any table supported by image or PDF file.

Recreates multifaceted layouts automatically: The program not only scans and converts paper documents and images but also recreates multifaceted layouts. Using page analysis support, the single pro edition can determine the various elements of original file formats before recreating them into a separate file format of your choice.

130 languages support: As a flagship OCR program, Readiris uses 130 languages for proprietary dictionaries. This is good news for international users.

Readiris Pro 11

Because translating page documents into electronic files can be a daunting task, an OCR is essential for the said translation to be faster and free of hassle. If you are looking for plain text OCR with lightning speed, then check out Pro 11.

The program comes with a user-friendly wizard, which allows you to set parameters for the document you will convert. Once the scanning is complete, you can refine your document’s “areas of recognition” – from images to tabular materials to text designations. Pro 11 often triggers subscripts, superscripts, and other complex layouts. This makes it easier for users to resend and tweak the page document for better output.

Take note that contrary to other OCR programs, Pro 11 does not have a “working window” support in which you can edit/remove errors before streaming the electronic files to its destination program of your choice. Instead, the program will automatically fix all detected errors using its external features.


  • Its wizard breakthrough feature is 100% useful
  • Accessible plain-text recognition
  • Fast


  • Limited recognition in terms of handwriting
  • Limited interactive editing features
  • Can’t read mathematical symbols or terms

What is Readiris Pro 12?

It may take seconds for users to install Readiris Pro 12, but this does not mean that its features are not beneficial as that of the Pro 11. The secret to its somewhat lengthy installation lies on its user interface. The latter slowly sets up your scanner while enabling the recommended settings for your projects. A SmartTasks pop-up will automatically appear in the middle corner of your screen. This allows you to perform some tasks such as scanning each word document and archiving an image (or text file) as PDF.

Readiris 12 turns a scanned document into some windows. This in turn creates a division between your images and text paragraphs. Nonetheless, you can make any changes to your document by “deskewing” or rotating your windows into any browser.

The program comes with an information box that can detect any errors during conversion. For text documents, it automatically corrects grammatical errors. Large headings are sometimes a problem in file conversion; thus, Pro 12 was created as a remedy.


  • Comes with barcode-triggered file indexing (for corporate workers)
  • Fast installation


  • Limited options for correcting layout errors
  • No proofreading and spell-check feature

Readiris Pro 10

Pro 10 is a breakthrough from the OCR programs that are often bundled with desktop scanners. After your documents are recognized, you can choose the format through which you want to convert each document. Pro 10 supports image formats as well as the PDF and EPUB ones. You can also turn any image into an XML, HTML, spreadsheet or word processor file.

The program comes in two versions: Corporate and Office 2.0. The Corporate version meets all the necessities of large organizations, particularly those with high-volume scanning activities. It supports “by batch” separation of documents aimed for PDF conversion. Office 2.0 meanwhile meets all the necessities of small-time workgroups as it optimizes PDF and JPEG 2000 formats for faster conversion. Both versions have a Microsoft WordML support, which allows users to generate any formatting document into richer editing.

Regardless of recognizing and inputting documents, Pro 11 gives you the option of selecting how you want the results to appear in your converted files. Through its tabular data feature, you can use frames instead of columns as results. Just recently, the program added an interval scanning option, which makes it possible for you to enable the timespan during lengthy scanning and conversion.


  • Divides multiple scans into multiple files
  • Saves up to 20 text formats
  • Supports 117 languages


  • No command structure enabling
  • No built-in text editor

Readiris Pro 14 Review

Throughout the years, Readiris Pro 14 has become a reliable source for innovating OCR. The program’s interface has dramatically changed; thus, the icon-heavy features have been upgraded. Not only that, Readiris 14 has become more convenient to use – thanks to its Omnipage feature. PC experts can attest to the fact about Omnipage playing a vital role in scanning and conversion of files. It supports cloud computing that gives users more options for customizing the appearance of their converted files. Since Pro 14 joined the bandwagon of cloud computing, a wide selection of services was given to users.

Pro 14 is recognizable for its web-friendly pop-ups that give users the option to send scanned files to HTML editors. Additionally, the converted format’s accurate and searchable image/text captures make it easier for the editors to receive them.

Supporting PDFs or printed documents has never been this flawless with Pro 10. In other words, there is no reason for users to run a spell-check when converting text files filled with misspellings. The program is not only compatible with Word. Users can save (or customize) tables to Powerpoint or Excel. For files with larger memory, saving them under HTML format is recommended.


Divides multiple scans into multiple files

  • Saves up to 20 text formats
  • Supports 117 languages


  • No command structure enabling
  • No built-in text editor


All programs are rebranded via OEM agreement. For example, Pro 10 can be a business card reading solution while Pro 14 can be used in your ECM application.

The program offers a wide range of Intelligent Document Recognition (IDR), featuring user-friendly options like document auto-classification, invoice recognition and hyper compression of colored documents. With IDR, you can integrate all your individual text/image files into a single document in seconds.

Readiris is arguably one of the largest yet most powerful OCR solutions that fit well with Windows and Mac. Despite its seemingly complicated features, the program does a very good job when it comes scanning and converting files quickly and accurately. Its capability to preserve formatted documents does not need introductions, as the program comes with a slicker interface and scanning hints that are more accessible.

The OCR solution is faithful enough in recreating the original format of your documents. It can replace graphics, tables and texts in the output file of your choice.

While its accuracy is 95% proven, experts still need to look for more specs that can be an advantage for users. As a response, developers recently added these features:

  • Snow Leopard support (for Mac users)
  • Over 145 languages for recognition
  • Scanned page preview (in drawer form)
  • 32 to 64-bit universal application
  • Full image capture scanners
  • Drop2Read – A new OCR companion that users can use to drag and drop a file to any conversion folder
  • Additional support formats – .odt (Open Office), .xlsx (Excel 2013) and .docx (Word 2013)
  • OCR engines
  • HQ compression technology

If you are using iTunes, the program is available in 1.3 edition. The latter allows you to import images using an I.R.I.S scanner (which can be downloaded for free). For text images, you can use Pro3 Wi-Fi and I.R.I.S ScanAnywhere Wi-Fi.

While many novice users of the program assumed that the first edition is enough for their basic scanning and conversion needs, their adva